About GLC

We are a super cool Creative Hub, Our name is a simple way to describe our concepts. Random thoughts converts to different fresh form of ideas like Green Leaf. We expertise in everything from branding and social marketing, to public relations and research, to digital and direct marketing, to web development and audio/visual production.

Our passion overwhelmed a decade ago and that spark gave a kick start to “GLC”. WE share a passion for excellence, and understands the value for people and their time. Team “GLC” are the Hand risers not Finger pointers. When called up on, every single person in team rolls up their sleevs and get involved. While we do work we work hard. Collecting stars are our dream & we are here to catch the Dream.

We share a common belief about what we’re here to do. We inspire each other to do their best work. We treat each other with respect. We work as one team.

Ambili Anilkumar

Managing Director


Marketing Head


Creative Head